Selling Insurance To An Insurance Company

The Situation
  • Following a strategy development engagement for a financial services provider we set up an implementation management office (IMO) to execute the strategy.

The Assignment
  • We set up an implementation management office (IMO) with mini teams to focus on each objective and a guide book was created explaining each step for these initiatives along with KPI’s.

  • The IMO created a detailed balanced scorecard showcasing how each strategic objective trickles down to activities and sub activities to be performed by different stakeholders and introduced a cloud-based project management tool to monitor and track these activities.

  • The IMO installed a comprehensive governance mechanism while conducting periodic meetings to update stakeholders on progress and resolve implementation issues.

  • The IMO also introduced a project management tool in order automate the tracking and monitoring process, while creating board-level implementation dashboards.

  • Quality assurance programme on completed activities against predetermined achievements and change management initiatives were conducted for hassle free execution.

The Benefits
  • The client achieved a successful execution, hassle free implementation, and on time delivery of the key objectives set.