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Career FAQs

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Q: What is a typical day at Stax like?

A: There is really no “typical” day at Stax. Since our projects change so quickly and we work on so many different industries, the research and analysis you do from day to day will be very different.

Q: How intense is the travel schedule?

A: There is less travel required for Stax’s engagements than at many other consulting firms. We have frequent check-ins with our clients, but we carry out our research independently and not at client sites. There may be some travel required for kick-off meetings and deliverable presentation.

Q: What sort of benefits does Stax offer?

A: Stax provides comprehensive medical, dental, and vision coverage for you and your family, 401(k), paid time off, life insurance and disability insurance, generous parental leave, wellness benefits, and much more.

Q: Does Stax look for a certain kind of qualification in job applicants?

A: While we require specialist knowledge for some positions — such as that of Data Analyst — we are chiefly looking for sound critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Good old-fashioned common sense, attention to detail, and curiosity are the best qualifications for the work we do.

Q: What are the opportunities to move up within Stax?

A: There are excellent opportunities for career advancement within Stax for those who show flair and dedication. We’ve had people initially hired as part-time contractors move up to become managers within 3-4 years.

Q: Are transfers between offices and teams possible?

Yes, given the right circumstances and qualifications.

Q: Will I have the opportunity to work on international projects?

A: Yes. Approximately 40% of Stax’s work for U.S. clients has a sizeable international component, and about 25% of our revenue comes from projects that are completely outside the U.S.