Standing up an Analytics Platform for a University

Standing up an Analytics Platform for a University

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New England Conservatory’s (NEC) leadership wanted to increase the institution’s value to students, have the ability to model program changes needed for the future, and add an analytics platform for organizational development. The operating environment highlighted opportunities for the organization across important areas: people, processes, and technology. Within four months, Stax's data and analytic capabilities allowed NEC to see what students studied, how much scholarships they received, what jobs they secured, and alumni engagement—sorted any which way, in real time.

Stax utilized an iterative process, a Design-to-ImpactTM Analytics Process Design what is Important, Actionable, and Practical to implement. Inside the iterative design process is the “sandbox” for collaboration with teams and data, ensuring best insights and practical implementation of results. Through this process, NEC’s board and teams got answers, a data and analytics management system hosted in the cloud, and cultural change to utilize more data.

Management and finance teams can now easily develop scenarios and review with data for important decisions and management has a platform that captures data in an ongoing process, to be able to continuously have insights on the past, needs going forward, and the ability to consider scenarios and decisions.

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