Giving An European Tech Firm A Tour Of India

Giving an European Tech Firm a Tour of India

The Situation
  • A European technology client sought to expand presence in India by tapping into the large and growing segment of small and medium-sized businesses in the country.

  • In phase one, we sought to determine the total addressable market, and technology landscape of potential customers to assess receptivity to a new concept.

    In phase two, based on our recommendations, the Client chose to design an entry-level product for which they commissioned a survey to test the ideal product configurations and price point of such a technology in both China and India.

The Assignment
  • While qualitative data was a part of our approach, our Client needed a line of sight into the real trade-offs their customers would make to purchase their product.

  • In phase two, we conducted a web-survey of 300 Indian and Chinese mid-segment businesses leveraging on-the-ground teams to pursue these insights from respondents not easily accessible online. For each market, we simulated probable demand for an array of product bundles based on Conjoint or “Trade-Off” analysis.

The Benefits
  • Based on key findings and recommendations the Client launched an entry-level device designed exclusively for the Indian mid-market segment in 2011.

The Finding
  • The final deliverable included our Client’s sales, marketing, and growth options in India and China moving forward to best capture mid-segment share along with a detailed conjoint-based analysis of possible product configurations, and go-to-market recommendations for our Client.