Introducing The World to Sri Lanka's Digital Promise

Introducing The World To Sri Lanka’s Digital Promise

The Situation
  • In support of the national IT/BPM sector of Sri Lanka, Stax was engaged to design the national portal for the sector, and launched a digital marketing campaign (DMC) to elevate the industry and its companies.

The Assignment
  • Through in-depth primary research, Stax assessed behavioral habits of key target segments (CXOs in mid-tier organizations) to inform the appropriate messaging for both the portal and DMC.

  • Stax also utilized its proprietary database including 1,800+ IT-related engagements to identify primary needs of potential customers when looking to source technology and service partners (companies that provide professional services, enterprise and consumer products, software development services).

  • The primary research was also used to inform positioning and channel strategies for the DMC.

  • Stax utilized a test and learn approach for its DMC – refining messaging and channel strategies based on learnings over a three month period.

The Benefits
  • Successfully executed the digital marketing strategy based on a segmented view of the market, utilizing findings from our research to inform the messaging and channel strategy.

  • Developed a website incorporating findings from research to inform types of content, information to be displayed on website, and lead management process for inbound queries.

The Finding
  • Findings revealed key concerns of potential customers, helping map relevant messaging and allowing the Sri Lankan IT/BPM sector to highlight its unique strengths when addressing these concerns.

  • Through our research, we were also able to identify key channels for the DMC and core elements to be included within the portal.