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A Blueprint For Disruption In SL And Beyond

The Situation
  • A leading bank in Sri Lanka required a comprehensive digital plan to break into to the disruptive mobile payments and digital banking space - both, within Sri Lanka and regionally.

The Assignment
  • Stax led a comprehensive study into available disruptive digital banking technologies both regionally and globally, while also encompassing a study into Sri Lankan digital consumer behavior and banking habits.

  • Through this comprehensive study, Stax aimed to develop a comprehensive digital banking solution for our client that encompasses an industry leading feature and convenience set, while also developing an actionable deployment plan for execution in local and regional markets, individually.

The Benefits
  • Our Client was able to prioritize and deploy investments to launch the digital banking service based on a comprehensive understanding of customer need and potential for ROI.

The Finding
  • Stax provided a comprehensive view of the digital banking eco-system and the player level contribution for our client to understand and prioritize the opportunity in the space.

  • Stax developed a digital banking solution encompassing an ecosystem-wide view of services and channel partners. This focuses on engaging a wider demographic that is looking to engage with banking services digitally.

  • In addition to transaction-based revenues, the solution also encompassed channel-specific strategies that looked into driving up loan book values, asset base, and also cross-selling strategies into offline services.

  • In terms of deployment, Stax prioritized industry and customer segments that should be targeted as a point of entry and also focused on how the deployment would evolve to grow the business, over the next 3-5 years.