An A–Z on the US Bath Ware and Tile Market | Stax Inc

An A–Z on the US Bath Ware and Tile Market

The Situation
  • A corporate Client in the ceramic and tile industry was interested in expansion opportunities in the US bath ware and tile market.

  • While the Client had basic understanding of the market dynamics, they wanted to identify high potential local markets, and channel partners they can work with.

The Assignment
  • Our engagement began with a state-level macro assessment to identify the five most attractive states for the bath ware and tile market. Thereafter, we gathered MSA level information using our proprietary databases, secondary, and primary research.

  • Following the assessment, 8 MSAs were prioritized for a deep dive after which the Client choose 3 markets to execute its initial expansion. The prioritization was done based on, competitive dynamics, availability of channels to market, cost of entry for each market, and other screening criteria.

The Benefits
  • Stax helped the Client formulate an execution strategy; assisting in getting the right product and pricing mix, selecting the best channels to market for each location, and recommendations on how to position themselves against competitors in each MSA.

The Finding
  • Our findings in the first phase of the engagement assisted the Client in validating their hypothesis on U.S. market entry. A deep-dive into the attractive MSAs enabled the Client to identify that each location would require a tailored entry strategy to yield best results.

  • Our on-the-ground presence in the U.S. market enabled us to identify channel partners that best aligned with our Client’s objectives