Assessing the Potential for Asset and Liability Growth Within Sri Lanka’s Corporate and Retail Sectors

The Situation
  • Our investor Client sought Stax’s help in assessing the corporate and retail banking landscape in Sri Lanka. They intended to use Stax’s findings to help structure their corporate banking and retail lending offerings.

  • The Target had just been acquired by our Client, having undergone a prolonged spell as one of the smaller players in the banking sector. There was confusion regarding their positioning in the market, their target Clientele and the general lack of public awareness about the company’s network and product offerings.

The Assignment
  • We broke this project into two parts, corporate and retail. Corporate included having individual conversations with over 80 of the country’s biggest corporates on their banking needs including trade services, pain points and what they were looking for from their bank in terms of service and products. We also studied the proposed 5+1 proposed hub strategy and how it would impact the Target company. On the retail side, we assessed 5 different retail lending products in terms of attractiveness to the Target.

The Benefits
  • By utilizing our reports, our Client will be able to approach each potential corporate banking Client with products and services that would cater to their exact requirements. We were also able to identify gaps in terms of services that could be exploited by the Target company.

The Finding
  • Stax provided the Client with a deliverable which along with individual profiles on each company, rated them in terms of attractiveness to the Target. Stax also provided the Target with detailed insights on the hub strategy including which industries we expected to benefit from this initiative. On retail lending, using a mix of primary and secondary research, we were able to provide the Client with insights on the current and expected addressable market for each product, what potential customers looked for as well as competitor offerings