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Actionable insights based on social media analytics for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

The Situation
  • With the growing use of social media across the foodservice industry, the Client wished to leverage on social data to provide value-added insights like competitor & promotional activities, consumer sentiments and drivers of satisfaction to their QSR clients.

  • Stax was sought after to develop a quick and efficient mechanism to convert these data into actionable insights for their customers.

The Benefits
  • A comprehensive report using social data provided value-added insights within the QSR universe:

    • competitor & promotional activities
    • consumer sentiments
    • drivers of satisfaction
The Finding
  • Using our proprietary tools and a 4-step approach, we derived relevant, actionable business insights from social data across all major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube), as well as web traffic estimates, organic search rankings, and paid search positions.