Stax - A global strategy consulting firm

TMT Consulting Services

Stax has a long history of working with software, hardware, and service-based technology companies - from smaller fast-growth companies to mid-market and large cap corporations.

Stax helps technology clients understand market demand, uncover growth opportunities, formulate go-to-market strategies, identify threats, and improve profit. We help with risk management and find areas for growth and investment. We believe technology companies and investors must clearly understand market needs, the pace of change, and how competitors and potential acquirers will act.

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Types of Engagements
Growth Strategy
Identify and prioritize growth opportunities across the diverse scope of products and services across the technology landscape.
Technology Insights
Assess technology markets, trends, customers, segments, competition, products, and current innovations.
Find opportunities to utilize technology and automation to increase efficiency and profitability across the enterprise application software ecosystem.
Data & Advanced Analytics
Leverage internal and external data to identify go-forward opportunities for profit and process improvement.
Performance Improvement
Quantify impact of sun-setting legacy systems on retention; assess impact of business model transitions, e.g., from on premise/perpetual license to SaaS.
Marketing & Sales Strategy
Formulate new market and go-to-market strategy; position and define brand, pricing, and channel strategy; and streamline sale cycle processes/effectiveness.
Provide advisory support at every stage of M&A within the technology ecosystem, including acquisition screens, due diligence, identify operational improvement opportunities, and maximize sale value at exit.