Stax Inc. - A global management consulting firm

Strategy And Growth

We recognize that management’s time is important

When management has a question, we can frame the problem quickly and help them gain insights with a fact-based, data-driven approach. For more than 25 years, our team has seen thousands of strategic issues and competitive situations which enables us to handle any scenario with conviction and speed. We provide actionable outcomes which management and investor teams can rally behind and leave client teams with an actionable fact-base and a dynamic transfer of knowledge.

Growth Strategy and M&A
Engagement with businesses of all types, sizes, and geographies to drive organic growth; more than 25 years expertise advising a broad range of strategic, private equity, and public equity investors.
Market Prioritization
Market prioritization and expansion, whether by region, customer segment, product, or service.
Value Proposition and Go-to-Market
Updating and refining the customer value proposition, including: segmentation, product-market fit, channel, pricing, and go-to market strategies.
Sales Effort Optimization
Sales effort optimization with a basis of win-loss, customer profitability and needs, and practical addressable market; combined to align salesforce, marketing, and product development.
Location-Specific Expansion
Developing local demand forecasts, combined with competitive dynamics and supply availability of resources to determine optimal locations for expansion.
Divestiture Strategies
Assists management teams develop strategies to thoughtfully divest assets enabling management teams and their investment banks to focus on creating value.