Onboarding: How Stax welcomes new hires in a virtual world

Onboarding: How Stax welcomes new hires in a virtual world

The two main questions we are being asked by candidates during the Stax interview process include: How did you transition to a remote work environment? and How are employees incorporated into teams? While virtual onboarding a remote workforce can be challenging, we were able to quickly pivot and leverage existing tools and technologies and provide new hires with a consistent cadence of communication, engagement, and firm-wide support to ensure they feel part of the Stax team.

“Both my buddy and mentor were incredibly helpful. They were approachable and happy to answer any questions that I had. My mentor really helped me understand where I fit into a project and shared resources that helped me feel more prepared going into projects in the future. My first project teammates have also been great resources. I’ve peppered them with dozens of questions, and they’ve pointed me in the right direction. I’ve also joined an informal book club and the Peloton spinning club, which has made me feel like I’m part of a community.”Associate New Hire, Q1 2021, Stax Boston

While other firms might have large starting classes, here at Stax our size allows us to be more agile and interactive to tailor unique experiences within smaller onboarding groups. Working in a virtual environment can be challenging, and we strive to foster an open-door policy regarding communication. The Stax team very much operates with the understanding that any and all questions are welcomed, especially as new teammates begin their Stax journey.

As the ability to connect with new colleagues organically in the kitchen might not be a near-term option, we continually work towards developing a culture that helps new teammates build their network through frequent engagement. Through our virtual onboarding program, new hires have daily touchpoints across onboarding welcome buddies, mentors, and HR/Talent teams. Exposure to senior leadership begins on day one.

As new hires bridge from onboarding to project teams, we provide extra resources and mentoring on their first project to help them ramp up and feel comfortable and supported in their new roles. Our mentorship program provides new hires with coaching to guide career development and opportunities for professional growth.

Of course, there is the social side of Stax which can be seen on our Instagram account @Stax__Inc. We offer both formal and informal activities to help new teammates connect with the greater Stax community. Events range from virtual lunches, happy hours, volunteer opportunities, and team-building activities such as Build-a-Terrarium, Virtual Mixology, and more! And hopefully soon, we will be able to grab a quick snack together in the kitchen.

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