Andy Jiang Offers Insight Summer Internship

Summer Internship - Stax Spotlight Andy Jiang

Andy Jiang - Summer 2019 Marketing Intern, Stax New York

• Rising sophomore at Babson College
• Business Administration Major
• Interests/hobbies: skating, dancing, Ping Pong, and raving

What did you want to accomplish at Stax?
As a business major, my main objective as a Marketing intern was to deepen my industry knowledge of the consulting world and the role of marketing. I was excited to be exposed to different marketing levers such as social, digital, email, etc. and see their specific impact and related metrics.

What were some of your responsibilities or projects as a summer intern at Stax?
Some of my responsibilities were to manage Stax’s social media platforms and create business strategies to increase web traffic. On the internal end, I oversaw a campaign to create consistency across Stax employees’ LinkedIn profiles. Another task I enjoyed was taking on larger projects that provided support to the front office and the CRM platform.

What was your most valuable internship experience and what did it teach you?
Learning how to think outside the box. There were multiple instances where we would run into a roadblock due to technological limitations or the nature of the project. Thinking of an alternative solution when approaching a roadblock is a crucial skill that would be useful in all my future work.

What did you enjoy most about your time at Stax?
The people. At Stax, I was more than just an intern or a number. I felt very acknowledged and welcomed by the firm. Employees greeted me in the mornings and asked me about my week. They genuinely wanted to get to know more about the people they’re working with.

What are some tips for future Stax interns?
• Be a sponge. Absorb anything and everything. You never know when something can be useful in the future.
• Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It is always better to ask questions and get it right than not ask questions and get it wrong.
• Try something new. Life at Stax is entirely different from college life. Take the opportunity to step out your comfort zone and learn something about yourself, the firm, or the world.

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