Stax Welcomes Notre Dame Grad

Stax Welcomes Notre Dame Grad

Stax is excited to announce that another Notre Dame graduate will be joining the firm over the coming summer, expanding the successful relationship that the firm has with the University. The partnership is anchored by Stax’s collaboration with the Student International Business Council (SIBC), a student-run organization that aims “to [educate] its members on the different aspects of international business.”

The group partners with global companies to run projects that expose students to the intricacies of disciplines such as marketing, banking, and consulting. Ben Cooper, an engagement manager at Stax and a 2014 Notre Dame alum, is leading the semester-long project with the 15-student ND team that will culminate with the students giving a presentation on their chosen prompt: An acquisition screen for a Private Equity firm focused on bio metrics.

Cooper believes that the students who participate in the SIBC, and more broadly the type of student attracted to Notre Dame, fit well with the values and ambitions of Stax. “The type of student that does well at Notre Dame is the same type of person that does well at Stax,” commented Cooper. “They’re go-getters that are always looking to do more and step-up to take on more responsibility. Intellectual curiosity is a core focus of the university and the type of people that they attract, and those are the people that excel at Stax.”

It was through the SIBC that Graham Witort, now a senior, learned about Stax. This summer, he’ll be joining the three Notre Dame hires already in Stax’s Chicago office.

Graham first gained exposure to the private equity industry through a Summer analyst position at Mikhail Capital in San Francisco, an opportunity that he continued to pursue as a Senior analyst over the fall semester. In addition to the SIBC, he is involved in the Economics Club, Leadership Education and Development (LEAD), and the club soccer team.

As the founder of a company that develops websites for local businesses Graham will find that his entrepreneurialism is well received in the fast-paced Stax environment.  He will also benefit from joining a firm that places a high value on work-life balance, provides unprecedented access to high-profile clients and management teams, and offers the opportunity to contribute to engagements from day one. Many of these qualities are unique in an industry that is known for long days and back-end contributions early in a career.

“We’re excited to welcome Graham to the team and continue our successful recruiting from the University of Notre Dame” said Stax’s Director of HR Christina Thai. “We have experienced tremendous success with individuals from the university, and look forward to expanding our relationship over the coming years.”

The firm is excited to welcome Graham to the Stax Chicago team this summer, and likewise is excited to continue to build on the highly successful relationship with the University of Notre Dame!

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