On The Front Line of Disaster

On the Front Line of Disaster

I was in Boston yesterday for what should have been a celebration. We at Stax were hosting a reception for employees, local clients, and their families in our third-floor office overlooking the Marathon’s final stretch. The order of the day was refreshments, food, and massages for the adults; games for the children.

We all know what happened next. The first bomb exploded outside the building just next door, and windows in our office shattered. Let me note first that all those at the reception were uninjured and made it home safely.

In the process, I got to see firsthand the levelheadedness of our staff as they reassured each other and our guests, led people out, swept the office to make sure everybody was gone, and then followed up with each other to make sure they all got home. By this morning, the team was up and running remotely and communicating via scheduled conference calls. Where necessary, client work was reassigned and clients notified. And the work went on. It filled me with pride to see that they were, truly, ready for anything.

I also got to see what great clients we have at Stax. Everyone at the reception—as well as those who were invited and unable to attend—checked in to make sure we were all OK. Some who couldn’t reach our office or any of our people directly called our New York office for an update. Whether corporate clients, private equity firms, philanthropies, marketing agencies we collaborate with—we heard from them all, and greatly appreciate their concern.

I also want to extend a special commendation to the building personnel who work for Cushman & Wakefield, the management company. They provided clear evacuation instructions and went out of the way to make sure everyone remained calm and got out safely. They helped ease a difficult situation.

Our hearts go out to the people killed, the many injured, and the city of Boston at large. I realize how fortunate we are—not only to get out safely, but also to see the greatness of both the people who work for us and those we work with as our clients. My thanks to all.

–Rafi Musher

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