Consumer Strategy and Growth Food Chain

Helping a local food chain take their unique flavor to new markets

The Situation
The Assignment
  • Measured the overall market maturity for the fast casual category in core and extended markets.

  • Compiled a fact base from data collected through field research of consumers, interviews with competitors and a review of secondary research and publications.

  • Assessed the Target’s value proposition and customer perceptions along with the possibility of exporting the concept to the new markets.

The Benefits
  • Stax validated the fast casual category concept and investment consideration by providing recommendations regarding potential opportunities and threats in the new markets.

The Finding
  • The Target appeared to have a highly satisfied customer base and performed well against key restaurant selection criteria.

  • They were clearly differentiated from their competition on key elements of their value proposition and their customers displayed strong customer advocacy across core markets.

  • Research revealed significant growth opportunities within the three extended markets, as they collectively represented a notably underserved market, constrained by the lack of availability of fast casual category outlets.

  • High consumer receptivity for the Fast Casual Category Concept across the extended markets assured success for the Client in partnering with the Target for expansion in to the new markets.