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Private Equity Management Consulting Firm


Our objective is to consistently bring content and insights to deal teams and management who are busy running the day-to-day operations of their companies. For deal teams, we can become an extension of their team. Stax helps determine whether an investment makes sense, develops a fact-base for conviction or aversion, and provides leverage on key questions. We also assist management teams. Stax has expertise in determining key opportunities and how to avoid or discontinue unprofitable efforts. This is all accomplished while simultaneously being inclusive on the engagement and respective of the management team’s time, so they can remain focused on their primary tasks.

Stax works with equity sponsors, management teams, and their advisors throughout the investment and company lifecycle to continuously drive value.

Sector prioritization
Stax has created a data-driven framework for acquisition screening that blends strategic thinking, extensive research, and executing with common-sense practicality to produce actionable results fast. Our agile and well-proven frameworks have helped private equity firms win share, accelerate growth, expand margins, and increase equity value. Acquisition strategies are rarely short term, and they require a great deal of capital. The wealth of knowledge that Stax’s acquisition screen provides will allow you and your team to better choose who you want and why.
Commercial due diligence engagements with Stax’s private equity clients require speed, transparency, and collaboration to deliver the proper assistance in deadline-driven deals. Our due diligence focuses on understanding three commercial related areas: market dynamics, customer journey/customer decision dynamics, and competitive dynamics. For private equity firms, Stax delivers comprehensive expertise to test assumptions, quantify growth potential, and assess risks in PE timeframes.
VALUE CREATION and growth strategy
The most critical time to take the learnings from diligence a step further and put them into action is from post-close to pre-exit. Stax’s more than 25 years of experience and exposure to thousands of strategic issues and competitive situations enables us to handle any scenario with conviction and speed. Our Value Creation and Growth Strategy projects typically align around the following categories:
  • Stax specializes in market prioritization and expansion, whether by region, customer segment, product, or service.
  • Stax updates and refines the customer’s value proposition through segmentation, product-market fit, channel, pricing, and go-to-market strategies.
  • Sales Effort Optimization
  • Sales effort optimization with a basis of win-loss, customer profitability and needs, and practical addressable market; combined to align salesforce, marketing, and product development.
  • Stax creates local demand forecasts and combines it with competitive dynamics and supply availability of resources to determine optimal locations for expansion.
Stax’s data science engagements within CDD timeframes combine data extraction and integration, business analysis, and technology to create key insights for strategic decisions, as well as dashboards for day-to-day operating decisions across management layers. Through the creation and adoption of its proprietary software, Stax has the experience and know-how to advance private equity deal teams and their portfolio support teams along the analytical journey. Stax employs a design-build-maintain/outsource model for IT infrastructure management to help clients develop and forward their technology and analytics capabilities.
Exit Planning
Stax utilizes a three-phase process to identify and quantify growth opportunities (TAM), customer feedback, value to financial and strategic buyers, and the best potential positioning for success. We employ data discovery, market assessment and growth qualifications, as well as prioritization and articulation. Also, our seller-data prep and analysis process typically identify additional profit drivers and action plans to realize these opportunities in short PE timeframes. And our core findings assist client efforts on multiple fronts for their current operations and help new investors see opportunities for further growth.