Designing A Future Proof Framework To Grow A Digital Marketing Business

Designing a future proof framework to grow a digital marketing business

The Situation
  • A B2B digital marketing solutions provider, looking to expand into new verticals and geographic markets, engaged Stax to develop a framework to help prioritize growth opportunities, both in the near term and on an ongoing basis.

The Assignment
  • Stax conducted several phases as part of the engagement:

  • On-site working sessions with the leadership of the client to collaboratively develop a framework to identify and assess growth opportunities in new vertical and geographic markets with the client’s core strategic goals and operating metrics in mind.

  • Prioritization of current opportunities, eventually settling on three that would be run through the framework.

  • A high-level assessment of each opportunity through primary and secondary research in order to gain a macro perspective with micro-level insight on markets of interest. Along with the secondary research, Stax conducted targeted field research with potential customers to analyze the end market and quantify the addressable market size, demand for products, and price sensitivity.

The Benefits
  • The framework and high-level assessments narrowed the list of opportunities to one that would be subject to a deep-dive evaluation.

The Finding
  • The resulting strategic framework would allow the client to evaluate growth opportunities in light of its core strategic goals, both now and in the future.

  • The final deliverable assessed three verticals in the United States and elsewhere as growth opportunities. Stax research outcomes served as inputs to customized adoption models and included criteria such as target customers, adoption rates, and willingness to pay.