Operational Improvement

Companies can’t manage what they can’t measure. Stax helps clients frame out and measure almost anything — whether the data is embedded in deep systems, needs to come from the outside, or be developed through new, independent research and analysis. Our analytics help uncover insights into operating performance, resource allocation, working capital use, profit improvement, value creation, and to discover what’s working, what’s not, and, most importantly, why.

What We Do

Profitability Analysis and Relative Value Contribution Analysis – By looking at the key levers that drive each client’s profitability, and analyzing which levers make the greatest difference, Stax helps clients deliver more revenue to the top line and deploy capital more effectively to bolster the bottom line. Frequently, we look at customer profitability, pricing, working capital optimization, site selection, and marketing expenditures. We benchmark productivity and make actionable recommendations that lead to improved profit.

Operational Assessment, Turnaround, Growth, and “Immediate Action” Planning – At Stax, we’re never locked into a pre-set hypothesis — we believe that the truth always lies in the data. We are resourceful, analytically rigorous, and draw our conclusions based on what the data tells us. We’re also not afraid to question historic thinking for a fresh test.

Sales and Marketing Alignment, Marketing Spend Analysis – Stax helps clients optimize their sales and marketing activities more efficiently to generate higher returns. We perform detailed customer segmentation analyses, understand customers’ buying processes, asses sales and marketing channels, and determine the optimal sales process and sales force deployment.

Understanding Root Cause of Change and Clear Drivers of Performance – Stax understands the constant dynamic shifts happening within industries and how to navigate through them. Beyond looking at what is happening in markets and with customers, we delve deep to understand why and the cause-and-effect relationships.