Stax Alumni Series - Zack Tretheway

Stax Alumni Series - Zack Tretheway

Zack Tretheway

What was your background prior to Stax and how did you find Stax?
I had a diverse background before joining Stax. I worked various jobs ranging from factory work to waiting tables. Prior to Stax, I was working at another consulting firm down the street. I was approached by a colleague who had recently been hired by Stax, who mentioned that they were looking for RAs.

What was your most memorable experience at Stax?
I was working on a project regarding a change in the law with respect to financial advising. I had no idea about anything related to this field, so I was already starting off on the wrong foot. After spending a day, reading articles and speaking to people, I came across an article about the CEO of a large, BNY owned, advisory firm. He was engaging with people on Twitter about how his industry worked. I figured, why not? and tracked down his direct office number. I left a voicemail that afternoon, and two days later, just before I had finished my second cup of coffee, he called me back. We proceeded to chat for almost two hours. In that time, he gave me a crash course on the bill, how it was going to impact the market, and specifically, who it was going to impact in the marketplace. He was a pretty solid dude.

What is your current position?
I am currently a Researcher with I perform sourcing for the recruiting process, as well as, researching the structures of other companies to further deepen Chewy’s ability to gather talent.

How did your time at Stax help prepare you for your current role?
First and foremost, it taught me to understand and work through the mundane. There is a ton of learning in the research process. When you make a lot of inquiries and scratch out vital information from only a handful of them, it requires a ton of dedication. It also helped me to think outside-the-box in terms of tracking down profiles. The name of the game in being an RA was research and sourcing, and Stax was crucial in developing my abilities in both of those areas.

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