What's New in the Water Industry?

What’s New in the Water Industry? Ask Some Notre Dame Undergrads.

Stax and the Student International Business Council (SIBC) at the University of Notre Dame recently completed their 2019 Spring Project. SIBC is the largest student organization on Notre Dame’s campus and is organized into seven project-based divisions, one of which is consulting, and promotes “Peace Through Commerce” by interacting with global companies and organizations. The culmination of the semester-long project had 12 freshmen and sophomores visit Stax Chicago for their final presentation.

From the eight prompts initially provided, the undergrads chose to assess the investment opportunities in the water industry for their theoretical Private Equity (PE) “client” and map out an acquisition proposal. With the guidance of their Stax mentors and Notre Dame alums, Travis Wert (’17) and Graham Witort (’18), the students analyzed four emerging trends within the water industry and advised their PE client to invest in the Water Treatment and Reuse Sector. Working through recent M&A activity, they identified three acquisition targets, recommended one buyout candidate, and strategized effective ways to promote future growth of the target acquisition.

After their presentation, the students enjoyed a networking lunch with the entire Stax Chicago office. The resounding feedback echoed the mission of SIBC to expand horizons and gain international exposure to a variety of business disciplines.

“This was a precious opportunity for all of us to practice our analytical and communication skills, as well as connecting with alumni to understand real-life challenges in the consulting industry.”

“Through this project, I learned a lot not only about the consulting process and Stax’s line of business, but I gained a better understanding of the business world. For the first time, I was engaged and excited with even the most tedious parts of the business presentation process.”

Students utilize SIBC to gain early exposure to unique industries, topics, and career paths. Through our long-standing partnership with Notre Dame, we are excited to see what the next few years bring for these bright, engaged freshmen and sophomores and hope to welcome a few future Staxers post-graduation.

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