Stax is unique in both what we do and how we do it.

We develop fact-based analyses and insights, helping executives and their teams make critical business decisions. Common areas of analysis focus on:

Organic Growth.

Stax helps businesses of all stripes, sizes, and geographies drive organic growth. Our services cover the full scope of market and segment sizing, and opportunity assessment. We identify, size, and help prioritize new growth opportunities, where a company’s value proposition fits best with a market and/or segment. Stax helps clients see where they can win market share, expand their product line, enter adjacent new markets, reduce churn, and launch in new geographies.

Operational Profit Improvement.

Stax helps clients bring more revenue to the top line and deploy capital more effectively to bolster the bottom line. We look at the key levers that drive each client’s profitability, and analyze which levers make the greatest difference. Frequently, we look at customer profitability, pricing, working capital optimization, site selection, and marketing expenditures. We benchmark productivity and make actionable recommendations that lead to profit improvement.

Sales & Marketing Resource Allocation.

Stax helps clients optimize their sales and marketing activities to generate higher returns. We perform detailed customer segmentation analyses, understand customers’ buying processes, look across sales and marketing channels, and determine the optimal sales process and sales force deployment. Our engagements help clients allocate sales and marketing resources to drive growth.

Global Prioritization and Multi-Country Growth.

Stax helps companies assess and prioritize various market opportunities. Such decisions are based on a deep understanding of the trends and relative growth rates in different markets, how well a company’s products and value proposition fit in a market and in specific segments, and the various risks involved.

M&A Deal Due Diligence.

M&A is often a central part of a business’s strategy, whether a corporation is looking for increased distribution or expansion into adjacent markets, or a private equity firm is looking for investments in specific categories that generate the best returns. Stax provides advisory support at every step: from determining whether acquisition is the best way to achieve corporate objectives and defining key candidate criteria, to sifting through the universe of potential targets (Deal TriageTM), conducting due diligence to fully vet those that look promising, identifying operational-improvement opportunities, and maximizing ultimate sale value at exit. Stax helps craft acquisition strategies and even conducts initial candidate screening.

Portfolio Company Support.

Once a deal is consummated, Stax works with portfolio companies’ management teams to develop strategies to realize the company’s full potential. Stax brings all of its capabilities to bear in developing 90-day plans that include identifying opportunities for organic revenue growth, profit improvement, geographic expansion, entry into adjacent markets or channels, and sales optimization. We’re frequently brought in by management mid-ownership cycle for key needs, and to support short- and long-term value maximization in preparing companies for exit, whether exit is expected in three years, one year, or even three months.

“I’ve never seen anyone triage the opportunities like Stax.”

– CEO, Multi-Billion Dollar Corporation