Summer Internship - Stax Spotlight Suhasni Singh

Summer Internship - Stax Spotlight Suhasni Singh

Suhasni Singh - Summer Associate Intern, Stax Chicago

• Rising senior at the University of Chicago
• Major in Economics with a minor in Media Arts and Design
• Hobbies/interests: graphic design, traveling, dancing, and looking for good sushi

What did you want to accomplish at Stax?
I wanted to gain experience in consulting to see if it’s a right fit for me and to help inform my career path. I also wanted to gain a deeper understanding of business strategy and analytics, as well as the specific industries I would be researching.

What were some of your responsibilities or projects as a summer intern at Stax?
I worked on one longer than usual project during my internship. The project was focused on analyzing and modeling vast amounts of macro data. My main responsibilities included finding and engineering relevant data to be used in the modeling process.

What was your most valuable internship experience and what did it teach you?
One of my most valuable experience was learning how to deal with large (and often imperfect) data. Learning this in the context of the project and seeing how this data is used to create historical models and project them forward was especially helpful in deepening my understanding. I also improved my secondary research skills and learned how to approach complicated problems in a systematic way.

What did you enjoy most about your time at Stax?
I really enjoyed being able to brainstorm ideas and think through problems as a team. Everyone at Stax is incredibly insightful, so being able to hear their thoughts and inputs really enhanced my learning experience.

What are some tips for future Stax interns?
Ask questions – both about the bigger picture and your specific tasks – and seek help if you need it! Anything you learn during onboarding and your initial work will probably be applicable to future work, so it’s better to clarify things in the beginning for a smoother learning process. Sometimes, your team may not have the answers either. But they will help you come up with different ways to approach the issue to find a possible resolution.

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