What Stax Looks For

Stax is Hiring

At Stax, we’re always looking for great talent to add to our already impressive team. Currently, we’re recruiting associates, consultants and managers to continue growing our Boston and Chicago offices.

  • What we do at Stax: We help top tier clients with growth, major operating and investment decisions. We answer high profile questions by providing insights and recommendations backed up by industry experience, good thinking and a lot of data. And we do it really fast—typically 4–12 weeks. Our clients include half of the top 25 global private equity firms and their portfolio companies, across industry.
  • Who we’re looking for: You’re a smart, hard working, individual with relevant experience and interested in having impact. You want a place where you can work with great people, learn, deliver great work, gain exposure and have leadership opportunities. You have strong research, quantitative and presentation skills (written, oral) and you’re comfortable with technology.
  • Life at Stax: Stax has an open and fluid work environment and a culture expecting participation and responsibility to speak up. This provides great opportunities for contribution, learning, exposure, expanding responsibilities, and professional growth. It provides great opportunities for people who want to have an impact with their work for clients and within their organization. Additional benefits include Stax’s respect for personal life and the bigger picture. Working smart and with a focus on value creation, we travel less than half of the norm at bulge bracket firms.
  • We value: Good people, strong work ethic, integrity, taking initiative, constant learning and contributing back to our community for social impact.

If this sounds like a good fit, click here to see more specifics of the roles and submit your cover letter and resume.

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