Big Data: Big Headache or Big Value?

Big Data: Big Headache or Big Value?

We see a lot of companies missing the value at their doorstep—because there’s so much data to pull together from disparate sources and they don’t have the resources to turn that data to insights. And, we see companies struggling under the volume of data, feeling the only answer is to implement a mega-solution that will deliver everything in one dashboard—but that takes years, millions and can be high-risk.

Stax President Mark Bremer, in a recent article for CFO Magazine, provides a few pointers for Getting a Grip on Your Data to maximize value for your team and shareholders.

Among the most valuable preparations for exit is maximizing the use of company data. While most CFOs have command of financial and accounting data, integrating insights from sales/CRM, customer transaction-level, and operations data creates additional value.
Data analysis can drive understanding of the business, proactively identify potential issues, demonstrate growth drivers and future growth runway, and understand current and future profit drivers. The value created is significant, and CFOs with command of the insights embedded in company data, integrated across sources, are more valuable leaders and better partners to sellers and buyers alike.

You can read the full article here.

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