Giving Back in the New Normal

Stax recently launched the “Season of Stax-giving” to provide volunteer opportunities, both virtual and in-person, for employees to engage their time and talents with partner organizations during the months of November, December, and beyond. Last weekend, Stax Chicago partnered with Street Samaritans, a Chicago-based nonprofit organization that strives to provide human connection and grassroots outreach to those less fortunate living without shelter and means to thrive. Sadly, due to the inclement weather, the actual outreach portion of the event was limited and Stax volunteers were designated as “clothing consultants” for the day and charged with sorting and counting clothes (while practicing social distancing as seen below) and delivered care packages to a local shelter for individuals in need. In addition to the in-person outreach event, all employees had the opportunity to contribute via the organization’s Amazon Wishlist.

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