Stax is a nimble mid-sized firm with big-firm credentials.

  • Deep experience in corporate strategy, including an array of services to help management grow organically and make better M&A decisions
  • Global, with offices in Boston, Chicago, New York, Singapore and Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Corporate clients ranging from $200 million local companies to $30 billion global corporations (including 27 of the Fortune 500)
  • Private-equity firms across the size spectrum (including 14 of the 20 largest LBO firms in the world)
  • Focus on high-impact strategic assignments, not broad academic exercises
  • More than 20-year track record of fast and accurate service delivery at a palatable price

Our clients tell us they like how we listen, get to the heart of the matter quickly, develop clear fact-based answers, and leave them with practical next steps. And that we do all this without getting in the way of them running their business. They frequently note how differentiated this all is in the world of strategic consulting, urging, “Don’t lose that.” They can rest assured: We won’t.

Our staff has unmatched opportunities for personal growth. Unlike larger firms, where new team members typically wait years for direct client interaction, and far longer to lead engagements in partner-heavy environments, our combination of smaller size and prestigious clients exposes staff to such opportunities far sooner than the big firms. Along the way, they’re working side by side with—and learning from—some of the smartest people in the business.

Whether it’s solving critical business issues or building careers, Stax brings you things that other firms just can’t match.

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