Fast. Actionable. Intensely Data-driven. It’s a different approach to strategic consulting. At Stax, we provide clients with answers to big questions quickly. For more than 20 years, Stax has helped corporations, private equity firms, and NGO’s identify and assess opportunities, quantify value, and accelerate growth.

“Actionable, don’t lose that.”

— CEO, Multi-Billion Dollar Corporation

“We pride ourselves on a culture of open debate and dialog when it comes to our client work, and to the future direction of the firm.”

— Mark Bremer, President


Stax is always looking for more high-caliber individuals who are interested in delivering great work and taking on leadership roles. At Stax, we expect our consultants to take the initiative in researching, analyzing, and discussing solutions, and we reward success with opportunities for career growth. We believe that the give-and-take of open and respectful debate is key to delivering meaningful results to our clients and for growth of the next generation leaders in the firm.