Stax DevCorp

What Stax DevCorp Does

Stax Development Corporation (DevCorp) creates entirely new startup companies and forms joint ventures to address critical market needs identified by Stax’s strategic consulting practice. Our deals typically have a connection to innovative solutions that meet the interests of our corporate or investor clients in unique ways.

Where Stax DevCorp Focuses

Stax DevCorp’s companies are held in two distinct portfolios, the:

  1. V-Squared portfolio, a combination of new ventures and joint ventures with a profit-maximizing focus; and
  2. Social Ventures Portfolio (SVP), whose holdings consist of double-bottom-line companies—those that deliver a combination of economic value and social benefit.

How Stax DevCorp Works

Here’s Stax DevCorp’s process: once a concept and its strategy are developed and tested, we recruit entrepreneurial, passionate executives for the management teams that will build and launch the new enterprises and support these executives with Stax’s deep industry expertise, consulting resources, and corporate and investor relationships. Our ideas are not constrained by size of capital need or investment strategy rather they are focused on potential for outcomes. We bring the most appropriate financing and partners to bear, capitalizing on the market potential.

Examples of Stax DevCorp Initiatives

  • EDCO is a fundraising software solution that empowers K-12 schools to raise money and access resources to enrich the educational experience for all students. Edco streamlines the “art of the ask” to bring fundraising expertise to schools, parents and student groups, enabling them to raise up to 80% more funds compared to traditional efforts and access new funding sources. By aggregating school needs and attracting private funds, Edco offers a channel into schools for education merchants to deliver new innovations and share best practices to drive systemic change in K-12 education.
  • BENESTREAM provides a low-cost, easy-to-use service to employers and unions that will allow them to ensure that employees and union members receive government benefits to which they are entitled, like Medicaid, food stamps and Child Health Plus. With minimal work from a company’s Human Resources department, employers can deliver a 15-30% increase in income and health insurance for employees and their families who qualify.
  • CREDIFI is an information service for commercial real estate finance. Backed by one of the world’s leading venture capital firms, CrediFi has assembled a team of experts in commercial real estate, credit risk, and Big Data to bring both visibility and greater risk oversight to the commercial real estate market.
  • ULTRA TESTING, which was founded by two MIT engineers in 2012 to provide a high-quality and affordable software testing service. Their competitive advantage comes from employing on-shore teams of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, including right here in New York, who can have the exact skill set required to be exceptional software testers – focus, attention to detail, natural pattern recognition ability, intelligence and curiosity. Armed with a market segmentation and competitor benchmarking developed by Stax, Stax DevCorp guided ULTRA to successfully launch, secure customers and line up funding. For more information on ULTRA.

For more information about Stax DevCorp, please email or call 212-299-7500.

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