Our Approach

Our Approach

We start with the big idea

We start by identifying market pain points, drawing on insights from regular conversations Stax’s consulting arm has with company CEOs and their customers. Once we’ve defined a suitable need, we work collaboratively with potential partners and industry experts to identify a testable and proven model to fill it. Only then do we begin to structure the venture and recruit the best talent to build it.

We know what it takes to succeed

Stax consulting has 20 years’ experience working with clients to launch new businesses, observing firsthand what it takes to be successful, and seeing many different business models across industries. Along the way, we’ve built long-term relationships with managers of large pools of capital that give us extra opportunity to bring institutional partners to larger investments, and to draw on their industry knowledge and contacts. This access can cut years off the typical business-development cycle for a new venture.

We know how to make a difference

Stax as an organization has always adhered to the principle of “doing well by doing good.” Not only has it supported many charitable causes over the years, it has provided millions of dollars in pro-bono work on a wide variety of social needs, including think-tank work, participating in Milken Institute Financial Innovations Labs, and other efforts. Stax has seen firsthand how government and the philanthropic community are seeking better models to leverage their capital.

This is why Stax DevCorp launched SVP, its portfolio focused on innovative social ventures that also seeks to achieve measurable progress in addressing or improving key societal challenges. These businesses will employ for-profit models rather than traditional charity structures to accomplish their objectives, because we believe strongly that investing in for-profit solutions for social benefit is like investing in annuities: they are self-perpetuating, establishing a foundation for the ventures to keep funding their own good work.