As businesses and consumers increasingly use digitized platforms for a variety of needs, large pools of organic consumer feedback are created through customer reviews on social media. This largescale unprompted feedback is a goldmine of useful insights for business growth. Innovative companies are using social data to supplement traditional surveys to monitor customer sentiment — to stay relevant and ahead of the curve.

In this environment where the need for timely customer centric insights has gained major significance, Stax aims to help companies by leveraging social media data and our advanced analytics to generate valuable insights.

Social data when compared to traditional surveys are valuable as they are organic unprompted feedback, and they have the advantage of scale, time, and cost efficiencies. However, they pose additional challenges as they are usually unstructured data which is difficult to analyze.

What is SocialSense?

Stax performs an extensive set of analysis to provide comprehensive insights, allowing us to provide a customized solution to a vast array of business needs.

  • Full-scale data extraction
  • Histoical Analysis
  • Competitor Landscaping
  • Location-level Analysis
  • Deeper dives into all key drivers of satisfaction
  • Product or service-level Analysis

Our Customers

SocialSense has provided nuanced, relevant insights to clients across these industries


Case Study – A Project Management Software Firm


A renowned private equity firm focused on investement in the IT sector had identified a project management software provider as a potential acquisition. The firm engaged Stax to help identify the drivers of customer satisfaction as well as user pain points over time.

The Solution

We extracted and processed thousands of reviews and comments from a variety of sources.


SocialSense allowed for the capture and examination of common themes and areas of interest.


Analyzing reviews through SocialSense, paired with our multi-disciplinary domain expertise, helped to identify the drivers of satisfaction as well as actionable areas for improvements for the business.


The Benefits
  • An in-depth view of customer sentiment over time.
  • Disclosure of user pain points, which can be adressed to improve overall customer sentiment.
  • Identified specific and actionable areas of improvement.
  • Identifed key opportunities and competitive advanges which could be used to stimulate growth.

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