Strategy and Growth

Stax uses data and information to help companies address their most important growth, strategic, and competitive issues quickly and confidently. For over two decades our team has seen thousands of strategic issues and competitive situations, which enables us to handle any scenario with conviction and speed.

We also recognize that management’s time is important. Rather than moving in on-site, we leverage a management team’s time with short on-site visits and use technology whenever possible. It’s an approach that delivers better, faster results for clients.

What We Do

Growth Strategy – Stax helps businesses of all types, sizes, and geographies drive organic growth and acquisition. Our services cover the full scope of using data to understand customers, market sizing, and specific opportunities. We also help clients see where they can win market share, expand product lines, optimize pricing, enter market adjacencies, reduce customer churn, and expand into new channels and geographies.

Innovation – Today more than ever, companies must adapt to a quickly changing business landscape, and seek opportunities to innovate and lead. Stax helps companies evolve with changing customer needs and user experiences, adopt best operational practices within the industry, and identify new ideas and potential acquisitions to help position for protection or expansion. We also provide the methodologies to test opportunities and potential risks.

M&A – Stax has tremendous expertise in the M&A arena, with more than 20 years of advising a broad range of strategic, private equity, and public equity investors. Listening to a client’s specific needs, we design an approach to meet their situation and stage in decision making, quickly, using the best methodology and process to provide a trusted fact base that will stand up to the toughest investment committee questions.