Summer at Stax Inc. - Spotlight Brandon Moy

Summer Internship - Stax Spotlight Brandon Moy

Brandon Moy, Summer 2019 Associate Intern, Stax Chicago

• Rising senior at Carleton College
• Computer science major, philosophy, and Chinese minor
• Previous work experience in economic consulting and investment management
• Interests/hobbies: fencing, martial arts, biking, and trying new restaurants

What did you want to accomplish at Stax?
My main goal coming into the internship was to improve my structured problem-solving ability and to apply those skills to real-world business situations. After reflecting on my first week of project work, I decided that I also wanted to improve my ability to synthesize and effectively summarize information. I had opportunities to do both during my internship at Stax.

What were some of your responsibilities or projects as a summer intern at Stax?
My first week I was responsible for analyzing and creating slide content about an entire business unit that contributed to roughly a quarter of the deck we sent to the client. Since then, I have contributed to projects by analyzing phone-based primary research and performing secondary competitor and customer research.

What was your most valuable internship experience and what did it teach you?
This internship has been my most valuable internship to date. I have learned how to structure, research, and analyze the key elements of strategic due diligence. My ownership over an entire area of the project and the high level of responsibility I had from the start made this internship stand out.

What did you enjoy most about your time at Stax?
Aside from the things I mentioned above (high degree of project ownership, business analysis, etc.) - the Cubs game!

What are some tips for future Stax interns?
• At the end of each week, reflect on your what you accomplished that week and set goals for yourself for the next week. (It’s also valuable to do before the internship starts – thanks, Kate, for this advice!)
• Find a mentor to help you achieve your goals and guide your development.
• Most importantly, everyone here wants you have the best internship experience you can – communicate clearly with them about what your goals are and how they can support you.

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