Stax Alumni Series – Nathan Marroquin

Nathan Marroquin

Stax Research Associate, 2016-17

What was your background prior to joining Stax?
When I started at Stax, I had just graduated from Syracuse University with a BA in Political Science and Philosophy.

What was your most memorable experience at Stax?
I was fortunate to develop great relationships that still run strong within the Stax family for which I am grateful. Professionally, pretty much every project I was involved in from healthcare to IT to defense contracting was a unique experience because I was able to deep dive into interesting and sometimes niche sectors and industries.

What is your current position?
I am currently a Fleet Manager with JB Hunt, where I manage a team of 250 intermodal drivers expanding across Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and Indiana from customers to rails and vice versa.

How did your time at Stax help prepare you for your current role?
Stax provided me with the ability to quickly learn and acquire in-depth knowledge of what seem like very abstract industries. Additionally, Stax taught me how to ask questions to really learn and think big about any industry. Knowing how and what kind of questions to ask is arguably one of the most valuable skills you can possess, both professionally and socially.

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