How Large is the Golf Cart Accessory Market You Might Ask?

This spring semester two University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign alums and Staxers, Brett Conradt, Managing Director and Kate Jennings, Associate, co-taught with Professor Hayden Noel the BADM 359 Business Problem Formulation and Solution course. Stax Inc. is long-time corporate sponsor of BADM 359, a class that prepares students for careers in consulting. Brett has been a guest lecturer at the University for over a decade and Kate was a T.A. for this class her senior year of college and a student the year before.

Every year, Stax leads a session on the importance of market sizing and how it’s utilized in our client engagements. This year the session culminated in a case study where the students sized the golf cart accessories market (batteries, chargers, filters, etc.). Utilizing secondary resources and sample data from a web survey, the students familiarized themselves with the thought process and methodologies involved in a typical market sizing exercise. The teachers, who were once students, thought the current students did a great job, asked a lot of thoughtful questions, and really put into practice some core consulting skill sets. Hopefully, we’ll welcome some future Staxers out of this class of sophomores and juniors.

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