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Business Modeling

Our Business Modeling practice includes a team of brilliant individuals with a drive to solve problems using data and complex modeling. Stax’s access to cutting edge tools and resources allows our consultants to develop models that enable our clients to make the best possible business decisions. Stax’s modelers are required to question everything, have a keen sense of the numbers, and be creative in their approach, as no two models are ever the same. Our expertise ranges through economic, financial, statistical, and market-based modeling.

Data Science

The Data Science team at Stax focuses on providing clients with data-driven insights to help answer critical business problems. Our mission is to build a holistic understanding of a business to uncover hidden trends and patterns that serve as the root causes of problems, and to work with business leaders to incorporate the findings from our analysis and implement viable solutions. To enable this, we have a team of individuals who are proficient in the latest data science technologies as well as business management practices. We not only understand what matters to businesses, but also know what approaches to take to solve problems in real-world scenarios.

Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering takes an avant-garde approach to capturing and integrating data to enable smart business decisions. Our team of data engineers and technology specialists focus on the design and development of critical business applications to support business intelligence, analytics, and operations. The process involves the curation, selection, and implementation of specific infrastructure related to the collection, transformation, warehousing, and visualizing of data. We work closely with multiple teams across client organizations to develop scalable and resilient digital infrastructure.

Global Practice

Account Leads are the primary touch point between our clients and the rest of the Stax organization. Our principal responsibility is to understand the business needs and requirements of the client, and thereby architect solutions that deliver the desired business outcomes. As the central client contact, an Account Lead guides internal teams through the delivery process to ensure client satisfaction, and also engages in account planning, business development, and product development activities.

Project Leads are critical in addressing our clients’ key questions and developing actionable solutions. They also support our global clients across disciplines by bringing value added insights and unparalleled experience to the table. The responsibilities of Project Leads present unique challenges, as our work primarily involves problem solving, research, analysis, insight generation and presenting findings to clients.


The Research team comprises of dynamic, high-powered individuals with a passion for deep research and solving complex problems. Our team members are experts at gathering difficult- to-source quantitative and qualitative data—adding value to our clients by deriving insights and constructing narratives around hard facts. The Research team is at the center of most projects, often bridging desk research with insights and recommendations from survey and data analytics workstreams. Our consultants are trained to be specialist project managers, taking a point position in end-to-end management and the delivery of strategy engagements.

Survey Insights

The Survey Insights team (SI) is Stax's consumer and market study division that extracts the essence of the consumer and market voice for our clients. Equipped with individuals who are experienced in varying technical areas, from statistics to economics, the SI team manages the overall process of conducting market studies―evaluating, and analyzing the data; understanding, and building market insights; clearly visualizing complex data; and addressing a multitude of stakeholder needs by providing technical expertise.

Shared Services

Our Shared Services teams comprise of Branding & Marketing, Finance, HR, and IT. These individuals bring perspectives and experiences that go beyond traditional consulting to the table, and work across the board to contribute to our work from within. They support the organization to meet its wider goals by enabling a smooth workflow.


We have a non-standard and simple application process:


With the new normal work requirements, we are looking at employing agile individuals who are remote work ready.

We will be working on a 50-50 remote work to bring a balance of work-life to you. While Stax will provide all necessary tools and tech to get you started, we hope you bring your drive, commitment and curiosity to the table. Are you keen to explore an opportunity with Stax?

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