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We, at Stax believe in onboarding individuals with the potential to become the next star. We look for growth mindsets with the thirst to reach the new normal and to push boundaries. Join us to be in the forefront of Asia's growth Journey.

Research & Consulting

Our Research and Consulting (R&C) team turns research strategies into analytic support for end-to-end engagement delivery. Their industry-agnostic and agile mindsets give them the cutting-edge in desk and field research, intelligent analytics and synthesis when building a wide spectrum of insights and recommendations. Our Consultants are trained to be specialist project managers, taking a point position in end-to-end management and the delivery of consulting engagements.

Data & Digital Analytics

Our Data Analytics (DA) team focuses on capturing, transforming, analyzing and visualizing data in order to generate actionable insights. The DA team augments client data with external data extracted from social media platforms and other publicly available sources to give a holistic view of the clients' customers, operations and growth prospects. They also work closely with clients to implement digital solutions customized to client’s technological sophistication.

Survey Insights

Our Survey Insights (SI) team conveys data-driven solutions to aid the decision-making process of our Clients. They apply traditional and advanced statistical modeling, clustering and other data mining techniques to predict, diagnose, describe and measure consumer and competitor behavior. The team also collaborates with our US colleagues to deliver accurate and intelligible business reports with statistical visualization to communicate our findings to clients. 

Sales & Client Servicing

Our Sales & Client Servicing team provides value by differentiating the Stax brand, by driving our business priorities forward, innovating new solutions, and delivering distinct client experiences. Our team brings varied expertise to ensure that the Client receives customized solutions, by leveraging the full capabilities of Stax to maximize the ROI for the Client.


We have a non-standard and simple application process:


With the new normal work requirements, we are looking at employing agile individuals who are remote work ready.

We will be working on a 50-50 remote work to bring a balance of work-life to you. While Stax will provide all necessary tools and tech to get you started, we hope you bring your drive, commitment and curiosity to the table. Are you keen to explore an opportunity with Stax?

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