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Stax works throughout the healthcare ecosystem, with deep experience in all its major sectors. We create clarity and actionable insights in a complex and changing industry, providing advice to corporations and private equity on growth and M&A, changing market dynamics, reimbursement trends, and operational improvements. We are passionate about better health and healthcare, and help our clients uncover high-value opportunities that improve patient outcomes as well as the bottom line.

Types of Engagements

Identifying and prioritizing growth opportunities
Resource allocation and optimization
Assessing markets, customers, segments, competition, modeling and forecasting volumes, insurance flows, and payor mix
New market and go-to-market strategy formulation
Product maturity and whitespace analysis; innovation, product, and service line development
Scenario planning
Commercial due diligence
Acquisition screening
Exit strategy and sale preparation
Types of Engagements


Macro Trends, Regulation, and Government Spend

Payors and Health Plans

Commercial plan product/service offerings
Federal and state government payment programs
Spend cycle and insurance flows
Payors and Health Plans

Providers and Provider Services

Hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers
Provider groups (outsourced and clinic-based)
Behavioral health
Home health and hospice
Consumer-oriented health (including eyewear, dental, dermatology, and physical therapy)
Lab-based services and diagnostic imaging
Non-consumer specialty: veterinary care
Providers and Provider Services


Consumer understanding and patient engagement
Retail clinics
The “consumerization of healthcare”
Information services

Healthcare IT

EHR and practice management software
Data management and analytics
Population health management
Information and compliance systems

Life Sciences

CROs and CMOs
Biosimilars and generics
Life Sciences

Medical Devices

Durable medical equipment
Medical supplies
Medical devices