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Today’s consumer and retail landscape is changing so rapidly and in so many ways that it’s difficult to stay on top of trends, new business models, and threats. You need data and insight to avoid being overtaken, stay competitive, and identify the best growth areas. Data-driven decisions based on insights about customer preferences, behaviors, and experiences are critical for all those companies who make, move, and sell consumer products or services.

From emerging brands to multi-billion dollar corporations, Stax leverages primary research, social channel and digital data, and our own proprietary information to quickly identify growth opportunities, boost operating and financial performance, and improve the customer experience.

Types of Engagements

Assessing consumers' changing needs, behaviors and attitudes, brand perceptions, segmentation, and customer experience
Evaluating companies’ expansion efforts including store unit expansion, international expansion, and new product development
Gaining competitive insight, assessing competitors, and benchmarking performance
Determining store-level performance, key drivers, and what levers should be prioritized to improve performance
Evaluating a company’s market strategy, brand positioning, and marketing mix
Examining companies’ multi-channel strategy, digital strategy, e-commerce, and social presence and engagement
Providing advisory support at every stage of M&A, including acquisition screens, due diligence, identifying operational improvement opportunities, and maximizing sale value at exit
Types of Engagements


Accessories and Luxury Goods

Apparel and Footwear

Apparel and Footwear

Financial Services (including B2B, commercial & consumer)

Auto, home and specialty lending
Credit cards
Investment products

Food and Beverage

Health and Beauty

Health and Beauty

Hotels, Resorts, and Leisure Facilities

Household Durables

Home construction and building products
Home furnishings
Household appliances
Housewares and specialties

Internet and E-commerce

Leisure Products

Recreational vehicles
Sports equipment
Leisure Products


Fast casual
Fine dining


Discount and off-price