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Social standing in the Texas BBQ QSR chain market

The Situation
  • Stax was sought by the Client to conduct an outside-in social media analysis on a BBQ restaurant chain.

  • Specifically assessing the major trends and dynamics relating to the restaurant chain and its perception and positioning in the Texas BBQ QSR chain market along with its points of differentiation, and the local competitive landscape.

The Benefits
  • In-depth view of authentic customer sentiments over time.

  • Identified actionable areas of improvement in the competitive landscape.

  • The Client received a comprehensive view to the Target’s potential futuristically prior to acquisition.

The Finding
  • Based on Stax’s rapid assessment, there were concerns relating to the Target’s attributes and whether they can be successfully maintained over time, as well as the growth of the brand in newer markets.

  • In specific, Stax identified the user sentiment toward the Target and the key attributes of the Target’s Brand to be neutral, whereas the Target’s user sentiment compared to its competitors was fairly negative.

  • Despite competition from multiple BBQ chains in its core markets, the Target’s volume of locations far exceeded that of any other competitor.

  • To further investigate the deal, the sustainability of the Target’s business model and replicability were also considered.