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Assisting A Large Agribusiness Build A Pipeline Of Growth Opportunities That Best Align With Their Corporate Strategy?

The Situation
  • Our Client was seeking to accelerate profitable growth and build a cohesive five year strategic roadmap. ​

  • The Client’s vision for 2020 involved becoming the most innovative company in its industry and thus was looking for opportunities that best aligned with their vision.

The Assignment
  • The initial stages of the engagement involved conducting individual conversations with the leadership team in the company to ‘define success’ and understand business needs of each party as well as gain their insight on potential growth opportunities. Concurrently, we conducted secondary research to find additional growth opportunities. ​

  • We then conducted initial filtering based on market dynamics and management perspectives. Thereafter, we established a set of screening criteria and developed a comprehensive screening tool to further refine the list of opportunities. At the end of this process, we presented the 10 most attractive opportunities to the management team at an ‘opportunity workshop.'​

  • Currently in-progress, the next phase of this engagement will involve a deep-dive on ~5 selected opportunities.

The Benefits
  • Our findings and recommendations have provided the Client with better clarity on opportunities that would best align with their vision for 2020.

  • After the completion of the deep-dive phase, the Client will receive a granular execution strategy based on the selected opportunities.

The Finding
  • Based on our conversations and secondary research, we identified that ‘building the brand’ should be a key consideration for our Client over the next five years. To achieve this, we proposed an approach that would elevate the brand of the Client and differentiate it from traditional mass marketing competitors.

  • In addition, we prioritized adjacent opportunities that the Client should pursue over the next five years to accelerate profitable growth.