Industrials Data and Anlytics Energy Efficient Programs

Improving Market ROI to Increase Energy Efficiency Adoption

The Situation
  • A leading Midwestern investor–owned utility, unhappy with its Demand Side Management (DSM) program results, engaged Stax to better understand residential customers’ attitudes and needs with respect to energy efficiency and the key trade–offs customers make when deciding whether to enroll in Energy Efficient (EE) programs.

The Assignment
  • Over a 12 week period, Stax analyzed historical customer data to identify key trends and developed a representative sample for a customer survey which targeted 1,076 consumers through the web. The results of the survey were utilized to understand the choice dynamics in the market, such as the conversion of aware customers to enrolled customers and attitudinal drivers.

  • Additionally, Stax conducted a conjoint analysis of the consumer insights to understand trade–offs between factors such as price, rebates, and operational savings.

The Benefits
  • The results—currently being implemented—allowed the client to redirect marketing efforts to those most likely to drive considerable uptake.

The Finding
  • Stax was able to develop distinct customer segments across a number of demographic variables, behavioral traits, environmental concerns and energy needs.

  • We identified the most effective channels to reach target populations and recommended the focus for marketing communications to align with consumer values.