One Slice Please, With A Side Of Marmalade: How We Helped A Client Enter High-End Outdoor Catering

The Situation
  • A Client entering the high-end outdoor catering space was looking to enter and capture share in the premium outdoor catering space in Sri Lanka.

  • Our Client was interested in identifying key purchase criteria, current offerings, price points, unmet needs, and ways in which they could differentiate from competitors.

The Assignment
  • For this engagement we conducted over 50 interviews with high-value customers (high-net worth individuals and corporates), competitors, and industry experts.

  • Concurrently, we conducted secondary research to better understand market characteristics, local competition, market gaps, and emerging trends in the outdoor catering space both locally and internationally.

The Benefits
  • Our recommendations enabled the Client to identify gaps in the market and present an attractive value proposition in their market entry.

The Finding
  • Our deliverable in this engagement was two-fold. Firstly, we presented the Client an overview of global trends shaping the outlook of the catering industry, as well as an assessment of the local competitive landscape. We were able to recommend trends that our Client could successfully adopt.

  • The second phase of the deliverable included findings based on consumer insights and a competitor assessment for benchmarking.