Growth Opportunities Industrial Measurement Technology

Assessment of growth opportunities in the industrial measurement technology market

The Situation
  • Prior to making an investment in the space, the client required an in–depth evaluation of market opportunities in the developed and emerging regions of interest.

The Assignment
  • We would use comprehensive secondary research analysis to determine market size and growth estimates across developed and emerging regions.

  • We were asked to develop a deep understanding of channel dynamics and influencers throughout the value chain. We set out to determine the industrial measurement process through in-depth conversations with key players across key end segments in developed and emerging markets.

The Benefits
  • Our market assessment provided the client with the market fact base required to make an informed investment decision. Taking into account the growth opportunities outlined by Stax, the client decided to acquire a leading player in the space.

The Finding
  • Growth in developed markets was expected to remain stable, given short-term incremental unit growth and long-term replacement growth. In emerging markets, unit growth was expected to continue through new user adoption and expansion among current users—replacement purchases were also expected to grow going forward.

  • Stax concluded positive growth prospects for industrial measurement equipment, with solid growth expected in developed and emerging markets. End customers were initiating the need for measurement technology, but the purchasing decisions were mostly driven by downstream players.