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A Practical Guidebook For Asian Expansion

The Situation
  • A manufacturer of packaging hired us to vet potential expansion opportunities in select Asian countries, as well as growth trends in particular end markets of interest.

The Assignment
  • The first Phase focused on evaluating the macro business environment for packaging in each of the countries of focus (e.g., China, India, Thailand), while the second Phase will focused on more specific customer and end-market trends in each priority geography.

  • We arrived at our findings through in-depth primary field work supplemented by targeted desk research.

The Benefits
  • The Client received an actionable roadmap for immediate and long-term steps to take toward Asia expansion. We also highlighted particular routes to market, e.g., establishing JV’s, that were most likely to be successfully in each given market.

The Finding
  • Overall, growth trends for packaging were strong in all three countries assessed.

  • Based on the volume of growth and specific factors driving end-markets in those particular markets, we prioritized two countries for the Client to focus on.