Stax Helped Validate The Expansion Intentions Of A Manufacturer Of Protective Wear Within The Food Services And Processing Markets

Stax helped validate the expansion intentions of a manufacturer of protective wear within the food services and processing markets

The Situation
  • A Client engaged in the manufacture of protective equipment hired Stax to gauge the attractiveness and opportunities for expansion within the food services and processing verticals globally.

  • We sought to provide insights with regard to global market drivers and trends, industry dynamics, customer budgeting and spending expectations, as well as future demand outlook.

The Assignment
  • Stax analyzed Client data and publicly available information, along with data gathered through interviews with Client employees and external stakeholders worldwide.

  • We also developed a food vertical assessment matrix and a value chain map, through the data gathered, to identify the most attractive food verticals for expansion and points of value addition within food processing and food services.

The Benefits
  • Stax research highlighted potential strategic options in food services and food processing available to our Client.

  • We also pointed out additional opportunities available to our Client through the exploration of adjacencies.

The Finding
  • We found that animal processing (including dairy and seafood) and restaurants & bars were the most attractive in terms of demand for Client products.

  • The industry landscape suggested limited barriers to entry, and an ability for our Client to compete and win.

  • We also discovered that in food processing, end-users drive brand decisions and seek innovation – supportive of our Client’s sales model.