Expected rebound in elective and medically necessary procedures, and a plan to re-calibrate forecasts for executives and investors

Many healthcare companies have similar questions about return to patient volumes, which locations will see a return to procedures, and the long-term prognosis for healthcare. To facilitate the process and speed up the effort, Stax has initiated new field research on expectations for return to procedures and developed a fast framework to help management teams, boards of directors, and investors determine the short, medium, and long- term implications for healthcare and their particular organizations. The process is informed by 20 years of providing healthcare leaders with insights for strategic operating and investment decisions. It is inclusive, iterative, data-rich, and can be done remotely.

With a 20+ year record of successfully modeling healthcare volumes, supply and demand, and competitive market dynamics across the spectrum of providers, we know how public and private spend can be modeled to help forecast overall patient volumes nationally and locally. We have a range of traditional and creative datasets at our fingertips and understand how to conduct large-scale primary research with consumers, healthcare professionals, and providers. Healthcare choices are complex, and there is a tremendous amount of data to bring together and model to provide strong parameters on patient volumes and market share potential, for management teams and investors for the short and long term.

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