Data & Analytics


Stax matches big data with practical application to identify insight and develop ROI analyses. We work with clients to help them understand the methodology, strengths, and limitations. In some cases, we transfer the knowledge of the engagement and the operation of analytical models directly to clients. In other cases, clients ask us to periodically update analytic models for ongoing management and operational decisions.

Stax employs a wide range of approaches to accommodate the most demanding analytical and data processing requirements. In many cases, our engagements include mining client data for insights and furthering the insights by combining it with purchased and new primary research. This enables us to generate proprietary insights that can look at what happened in the past, as well as help forecast what should happen.
Stax analyzes customer transactional data to identify drivers of customer loyalty and satisfaction. We quantify the lifetime value of a customer, thereby identifying the high-value customers and potential customers to help clients optimize resources.
Stax has the experience to frame the question and extract the raw data from disparate systems to deliver actionable insights for pricing strategy, sales and revenue analysis, operational efficiency, and workforce analysis. Where there is no data in the systems, we know where to source data or how to create new proprietary information utilizing primary research.
Stax helps clients quantify the productivity of working capital and the value of doing some things better or faster. With evolving business models, there are more opportunities to identify where other partners in the value chain or third-party providers may offer services at a better cost of capital.