Alumni Testimonials

“My time at Stax has been invaluable. The learning curve is fast, and you have to keep up, but it’s the best possible education. We work hard, but we do so as a team, and we enjoy working together . The people are great. They’re smart, and they have the drive, background and resources to really make a difference.”

– Amanda, Associate

“Stax fosters an entrepreneurial environment and challenges you to take on roles that an entry-level person would typically have to wait years to do at a larger firm. If there’s an industry that you’re interested in researching, a charity you want to support, a corporate program you want to introduce, Stax will encourage and support you in pursuing your interest.”

– Audre, Associate

“Stax is a great place to work. It provides a supportive, team-based atmosphere with significant opportunity to grow over time and to expand your business knowledge and capabilities.”

– Roy, Associate

“I like working at Stax because the work is continually changing. I’m working with small teams to solve unfamiliar problems in novel ways.”

– Andrew, Consultant

“Stax invests in the development of its people, provides opportunity for advancement based on performance, and offers great team culture.”

– Brett, Director