Stax Rebound Index

The Stax Rebound Index (SRI) provides clients with valuable insights and supports client work for re-opening, resource deployment, and investments. Data is monitored daily and rankings are updated weekly to understand which geographies appear to be rebounding faster.

Use cases:
  • For management teams to help plan re-openings and resource allocation for customer acquisition and servicing.
  • As one of the many inputs into Stax engagements.
  • Data for investment teams to evaluate geographic exposure and relative performance expectations and as a component of Stax's commercial due diligence on private equity, credits, PIPEs, and special situations.


The SRI will consider three major categories and monitor several weekly or daily changing indicators to understand which states appear to be rebounding faster. The Index will be updated weekly, and we will be sharing insights on changing dynamics each week.

The states are ranked based on a weighted score across the three categories. The categories include several salient indicators such as (but not limited to) the following: