Taking Over The Mantle: Sri Lankan Family Businesses Today

Taking Over The Mantle: Sri Lankan Family Businesses Today

A family business is like a double-edged sword. Driven by emotion, these organizations have a deeper purpose beyond the nuts and bolts of business—they are full of soul.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things: An Enabler for Business Growth

From smart cars that are able to drive and park themselves, intelligent thermostats that detect your arrival and turn up the heat, to smart clothing that can track the amount of calories burnt — these are all part of the latest gadgets-gone-gaga trend: the Internet of Things (IoT).

Attracting ‘Smart’ Capital for Your Tech Startup

Attracting ‘Smart’ Capital for Your Tech Startup

Despite being relatively young, Sri Lanka’s tech startup ecosystem has witnessed tremendous growth over the past few years. Home to world-class human capital, an envious geographical location, an increasingly favorable business climate, and relatively superior infrastructure to other countries in the region, Sri Lanka is well poised to become a thriving startup hub.

Sri Lanka Tech Start-up Ecosystem

Sri Lanka Tech Start-up Ecosystem: The Need of the Hour

In Sri Lanka’s evolving startup space, collective success is predicated on realizing this market rewards novelty, action & differentiation.

Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism: What’s Next for Asia?

The flow of patients across borders in pursuit of health and wellness is an age-old phenomenon. From the ancient Greeks who journeyed to Epidauria seeking the healing deity Asclepius to modern healthcare consumers with their calibrated itineraries combining both medical treatment and leisure, medical tourism has been a feature of the ages. The industry has, however, gained special traction in the 21st century. Today, ever increasing numbers travel internationally for medical treatment, driven by the promise of quality care at an affordable price.

Healthcare in Asia

Healthcare in Asia: Supply, Demand, and Deals

Historically, per capita healthcare spend by Asian countries has been minuscule compared to that of mega-spenders like the U.S. or Norway. However, with an aging population, rising affluence, and demand for better health services in Asia, healthcare expenditure growth in the APAC region is set to outstrip North America’s.